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We are in crunch time! The Senate released its own version of the American Health Care Act today. They are expected to vote on it as early as Tuesday of next week.  U.S. senators must hear loud and clear from the HIV community that gutting health care for millions of Americans, including folks living with and vulnerable to HIV is unacceptable!

Together, we can stop this bill! Join the National HIV Call-in Day to Save Health Care Monday, June 26! 

Urge your constituents, colleagues, friends, relatives or anyone you can reach to use the HIV Hotline and participate in the National Call-In Day on June 26th.  It’s easy!

1.     Call 1 (866) 246-9371

2.     When asked provide your zip code.  You will be directed to key senators in your state.

3.     Tell the person who answers: your name; where you live; that you are a person with HIV or a person affected by HIV; that the American Health Care Act will cause people with HIV to lose health care coverage; and that you urge the senator to oppose the American Health Care Act.


Take the next step right now!!  Share this image on social media. Tweet at your senators.  

Useful Resources and Tools


·       PWN-USA’s Kill the Bill Resource Center

·       PWN-USA’s Guide to Meeting with Senators


·       Phone Banking Tools

o   Phone Banking Organizing Tip Sheet

o   Sample Phone Bank Script

o   Sample Call Tracking Sheet


·       Social Media Graphics

·       Sample Tweets