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For years the SCHTF has been working diligently to advocate for persons living with HIV/AIDS; as well as educating individuals on prevention, care, treatment and support services available.

But we can’t complete our mission alone. We need the help of dedicated, engaged corporate partners who are as committed as we are to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and the enormous toll its taken on South Carolina. With the help of our corporate partners, we hope to grow the visibility, understanding, and appreciation of epidemic of HIV in the state. By doing so, we will help individuals facing HIV know that they are not alone, encourage and succor them in their time of need, and give them our promise that we are doing everything in our power to ensure they are made a priority within our legislation.

Looking for Help?

We are seeking corporate partners who are interested in helping us raise awareness on HIV/AIDS while growing their own business the same time. The fact is, corporate partnership and cause-marketing with the SC HIV Task Force works because it is, literally, a “win-win”. Recent surveys show that consumers want to purchase products associated with a cause; most consumers will switch brands to help a worthy organization. Through our partnerships we have the ability to offer companies a way to engage employees and customers alike, and we are committed to helping our corporate partners form individual programs that are completely unique, represent their specific markets and interests, and support the elements of the SCHTF mission that are most important to them.

We are all fighting for strengthening of HIV prevention, care, treatment, support and education services in South Carolina, and we would love for you to be in our corner.

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