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Membership Benefits

A yearly Membership of $5 entitles member to receive a valid card, access to all website information, inclusion on Task Force emails, a vote on issues presented to the Task Force, access to Board Members, all sponsored events, and all promotional materials.

You can easily apply for membership by filling in the form below and sending into our office. Your membership card will be available at the next meeting of the Task Force, and upon payment of the $5 registration fee and your signature on the membership application, you will become an official member of the Task Force.

Membership Requirements

Membership fee is $5 per year. Membership benefits are only extended to the person whose name appears on the card. Membership is non-transferable and is valid for one year. Membership will not be honored if expired.

When visiting us, please make sure you have your card and present it at the registration desk so that your attendance can be properly recorded.

Responsibilities of Individual Members

  • Be present at each SCHTF meeting or notify the meeting coordinator of your absence in advance of meeting.
  • Participate in advocacy activities of the SCHTF.
  • Agree to avoid conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest in the work of the SCHTF.
  • Follow through on all commitments made to the SCHTF.
  • Encourage consumer representatives to participate in advocacy activities of the SCHTF.
  • Be willing to serve as a volunteer member of the SCHTF.

If you would prefer to print out and mail in your membership application
please click here.

Personal Information
Tell us about yourself.
Your Interests
Tell us about your interest in SCTF.

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