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2017 Legislative Day Fact Sheets

HIV, once an almost universally fatal disease, can now be managed as a chronic medical condition. New and improved medications, expanded health coverage options, and an updated understanding of the relationship between treatment, care, and prevention have created a new paradigm for the HIV epidemic in the United States— and the promise of ending new infections.

Fulfilling this promise, however, will require sound policy, adequate resources, and leadership. There must be collaboration—across the political aisle; between federal, state, and local governments; and among the public and private sectors.

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SCHTF PBM Regulation – The South Carolina legislature should examine methods to control access to prescription drugs with rising costs.  People living with HIV depend on medications for their health and lives.  The legislature should enact a law limiting cost sharing for HIV medications, and prohibit insurers from altering their drug lists mid-year. 

SCHTF Criminalization – South Carolinians living with HIV face a dehumanizing and dangerous legal environment due to state law that criminalizes HIV-positive status.  These laws discourage responsible behavior – getting tested – and privileged ignorance of HIV status.

SCHTF Access to Care – People living with HIV cannot afford to be stripped of their health insurance coverage. Their health and in many cases their lives, depends on preserving and building on the reforms that have worked for them, providing access to essential, life-saving health care services and prescription drugs. While many of these decisions will be made by the federal government, the South Carolina legislature can protect access to care for people living with HIV by opposing federal efforts to reduce access and cut Medicaid, and by maintaining important consumer protections and programs for people living with HIV at the state level.

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